Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, and an education which is enriched by after-school electives, is what we strive for here at BEIS. The staff of Boracay European International School is committed to providing such enrichment, and takes pride in presenting our students with a variety of opportunities to explore each semester. Students are not only able to pursue present interests such as art or sport, but are also encouraged to try new activities which will develop talents that students might not be aware of.




We offer a wide array of electives during the school day such as: cooking, yoga, art, story writing, and more. We also encourage students to take part in our after-school activities: basketball, beach football, and Ultimate Frisbee teams. A list of electives per term will be given out to students. Electives during school hours are included in the tuition for every child. After-school electives may be provided at an additional cost.


BEIS Soccer team
BEIS Soccer team