School Events

Throughout the school year, here at BEIS we celebrate several festivals, special days and occasions to explore and experience more of our diverse world outside the classroom through colorful performances, exciting games and contests. We also aim to involve parents in school life and create a lively community, the BEIS family.  Our events include: Family Day, Book Day, UN Day, Christmas Day, Student Recognition Assembly, Sports Day, 100 Days of School, KP Festival, Mathematics and Science Week, Talent Show, Carnival and End of Year Celebration.


Electives offer many benefits for students that help support their development as well-rounded learners and individuals and create a richer learning experience. In addition to empowering practical skills, electives can help students find hidden talents or passion and can help students socially and behaviorally as well. This year, BEIS offers the following elective courses from Kindergarten 2 to Grade 8: Polymer Clay, Container Gardening, Keyboard, Soccer, Mixed Sports, Painting, Performing Arts, Badminton, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Movie Making, Cooking and baking, Yearbook Layout, and Glee Club.

Field Trips

Every school year, each class participates in at least one trip outside the school. The goal of these trips is to expand the students’ learning experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom. They are mostly aligned with the lessons and topics in class, while some aim to create camaraderie and bonding moments amongst the students. For younger years, these trips mostly take place on the island. Older students have the opportunity to also explore beyond the island and sometimes with overnight stays.

Parent Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a dedicated group of parents who volunteer at school events, raise funds for the school, and generally work together with faculty to strengthen the BEIS community.The main goal is to create the best possible educational experience for our children.The PTA assists the School at various events throughout the year, such as: United Nations Day, Healthy Eating Activities, Festive Season Celebrations, Sports Day, Kulturang Pilipino Festival, Family Carnival, and others.These events help to raise funds to make BEIS a great place for the children where they can learn and thrive.